Tuesday, April 08, 2008

I'm on a redneck rampage!!

Well, Bubba and Leonard were listening to some Skynard*
when the moonshine still exploded.
They fired their guns and started to run while everyone reloaded.
Jumped in the truck to go get drunk, chain guzzle a case of hot beer.
When out of nowhere there appeared a Bear** but they only hid the beer!
They got great big guns, little tiny brains!
I'm on a Redneck Rampage, tearing up the Everglades....

Girl Dawg is home and looking to recover some, man I love it when my best pup is underfoot!

* Lynard Skynard
** Highway Patrol or County Sheriffs

Song lyrics humbly borrowed from Mojo Nixon, buggered up by yours truly.
Redneck Dwarves by Jeff Hiatt

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Gallowglass said...

Delighted the Lady is home!!