Sunday, May 21, 2006

Elizabethan Sea Dwarves

ARRGGHH! Ahoy matey, a new crew for me pirate ships!

These were painted by David Sheppard in the UK. This guy can paint it all, and my dwarves don't even compare.

The idea for this came about in a indirect and sort of insane way. I had been contemplating the idea of wargaming the Elizabethan period for a while when a friend gave me a couple of Osprey books I did not yet own.

The books were Elizabethan Sea Dogs (Elite 70) and Pirates 1660-1730 (Elite 67) which really got the brain into a fever. So I started putting together a couple of resin ship kits from Flagship Games and next thing I know the Dwarven Sea Dog plot has been launched!

These are the first two ships of the fleet, a Sloop and a Gunboat. The masts and sails are in progress now, and I have already begun contemplating ironclads and airships......

More to follow

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